Looking for a place to store your valuables and important documents? A Colonial safe deposit box could be the answer. You can have security and peace of mind by opening a Colonial safe deposit box today.

Is it safe?

A safe deposit box is much safer than other options like a home safe. Even a large home safe can be carried off by intruders. Keeping your valuables in a safe deposit box keeps your precious items safe and secure with our advanced security system, professionally monitored - 24 hours a day.

Who has access?

Only you and any person you designate can access your box. No bank employee can access your box in your absence. In fact, employees are not allowed to know what you keep in your safe deposit box. The contents are completely confidential. However, your contract may prohibit some items.

How do you get a safe deposit box?

Just ask! Visit a Banking Center near you to see what sizes are available.

What does it cost?

Our annual fees are very reasonable:



​3x5x24 ​$25
​3x10x24 ​$35
​5x5x24 ​$30
​5x10x24 ​$50
10x10x24 ​$60
10x15x24 ​$95

*All boxes require a $20 Key Deposit

*Each box is issued 2 keys, with a cost to replace one lost key of $15

*Drilling fee for both keys lost-$15.00 PLUS Locksmith Charge


The contents of your box are not insured by Colonial or by the FDIC. For your protection you may wish to insure the contents with a company of your choice. It is also advised to keep a complete, up-to-date list of your box contents, along with any proof of ownership for the items contained therein in a separate location.