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https://www.gocolonial.com/Lists/Loan Officers/DispForm.aspx?ID=37Ryan HaunLoan Officer13829468140 N. MopacBldg 4, Suite 130AustinTX78759512-837-3411512-837-2520ryan.haun@gocolonial.com?Subject=Question via non-secure e-mail&Body=Do NOT include sensitive information such as Social Security Number, Tax ID, password, access card number and personal information in this email.http://www.gocolonial.com/pages/leaving.aspx?url=https://www.facebook.com/Ryan-Haun-Jr-Mortgage-Banker-NMLS-1382946-1110798342278831/, Ryan Haun's Facebook Pagehttp://www.gocolonial.com/pages/leaving.aspx?url=https://www.linkedin.com/in/rhaun, Ryan Haun's LinkedInhttps://apply.homeloannow.com/l/rhaun, Apply Now



<div class="ExternalClass307C2605ED17467A8215CD96C3B942F1"><h2> Resources:</h2><p> <a href="/Pages/HomeLoans/condo/CondoBuyersGuide_Austin.pdf" target="_blank">Condo Buyer's Guide</a></p><p> </p> </div><div class="ExternalClass3323D4EECA654B6B8A26EA9FA74E1E81"><p class="ExternalClassA48ED7FB84604A3DB283932F0A7B99D8">I grew up in the small fishing town of Rockport, Texas and have been lucky enough to call Austin home since 2004. I came to Austin to attend the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas. After graduating with a degree in Real Estate Finance, I spent more than six years with a financial planning firm specializing in investment and retirement analysis before joining Colonial National Mortgage. My first priority is to provide excellent customer service and I will continuously strive to exceed your expectations. I look forward to helping you with your mortgage financing and I am always happy to answer any questions you have about the process.</p><p class="ExternalClassA48ED7FB84604A3DB283932F0A7B99D8"> My areas of focus and expertise include Jumbo Loans in Austin, Condo Loans in Austin, and Non-warrantable Condo Loans in West Campus and Downtown Austin.  </p><p class="ExternalClassA48ED7FB84604A3DB283932F0A7B99D8">Like most Austinites, I enjoy everything the city has to offer (minus the traffic). When I am not in the office, I enjoy playing golf at Lost Creek, fishing on the coast, running the trail at Town Lake, and taking advantage of the numerous swimming holes in the area. <br> <br>With dozens of different loan programs to choose from, Colonial National Mortgage is sure to have one to meet your financial objectives:</p><p class="ExternalClassA48ED7FB84604A3DB283932F0A7B99D8">- New Loans and Refinance available nationwide</p><p class="ExternalClassA48ED7FB84604A3DB283932F0A7B99D8">- <a href="/Pages/HomeLoans/LoanTypesPrograms–FHA.aspx">FHA</a>, <a href="/Pages/HomeLoans/LoanTypesPrograms–VA.aspx">VA</a>, <a href="/Pages/HomeLoans/LoanTypesPrograms–Conventional.aspx">Conventional</a></p><p class="ExternalClassA48ED7FB84604A3DB283932F0A7B99D8">- <a href="/Pages/HomeLoans/HomeLoans–BuyingYourFirstHome.aspx">First Time Homebuyer Loans and Bond Programs</a></p><p class="ExternalClassA48ED7FB84604A3DB283932F0A7B99D8">- <a href="/Pages/HomeLoans/LoanTypesPrograms–Jumbo.aspx">Jumbo Loans</a></p><p class="ExternalClassA48ED7FB84604A3DB283932F0A7B99D8">- <a href="/Pages/HomeLoans/LoanTypesPrograms-Condo.aspx">Condo Loans</a></p><p class="ExternalClassA48ED7FB84604A3DB283932F0A7B99D8">- <a href="/Pages/HomeLoans/LoanTypesPrograms-Condo.aspx">Non-Warrantable Condos</a></p><p class="ExternalClassA48ED7FB84604A3DB283932F0A7B99D8">- <a href="/Pages/HomeLoans/LoanTypesPrograms–LotLoans.aspx">Lot Loans</a></p><p class="ExternalClassA48ED7FB84604A3DB283932F0A7B99D8">- <a href="/Pages/HomeLoans/HomeLoans–BuyingYourNextHome.aspx">Second Homes</a></p><p class="ExternalClassA48ED7FB84604A3DB283932F0A7B99D8">- <a href="/Pages/HomeLoans/LoanTypesPrograms–Construction.aspx">Construction Loans</a></p><p class="ExternalClassA48ED7FB84604A3DB283932F0A7B99D8">- <a href="/Pages/HomeLoans/LoanTypesPrograms–SingleCloseProgram.aspx">Single Close Construction Loans</a></p><p class="ExternalClassA48ED7FB84604A3DB283932F0A7B99D8">- Specialty Loans</p><p class="ExternalClassA48ED7FB84604A3DB283932F0A7B99D8">- <a href="/Pages/HomeLoans/LoanTypesPrograms–Home-Equity-Loans.aspx">Home Equity Loans</a></p><h2 class="ExternalClass4211ACE5260546099D83B612645371B6">Recent Customer Testimonials:</h2><blockquote class="ExternalClass4211ACE5260546099D83B612645371B6" dir="ltr" style="margin-right:0px;"><p>"Mr. Ryan Haun helped and provided the best help and service with this purchase. The service was excellent from beginning to end. Every step of the way was positive." - Zachery S.</p></blockquote><p class="ExternalClass1230C684236E47ECBA34A9170EDF371E" dir="ltr"> </p></div>

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