Disability insurance

Various disability coverages are available that can make your mortgage payments for up to two years if you should become disabled. Both "accident only" coverages and "accident and sickness" coverages are available.


Accidental death and/or accidental disability insurance

Affordable coverage that will pay off the mortgage loan if you die from an accident and/or refund three months of mortgage payments if you should become disabled due to an accident.


Accidental death and dismemberment – up to $1,000,000

Coverage provides a financial benefit due to accidental death or dismemberment






​Part I




​Part II




Part III





  • Part I – Benefit for travel by common carrier (commercial aircraft, train, bus, etc.)
  • Part II – Benefit for travel by private passenger automobile/land motor vehicle accidents
  • Part III – Benefit for all other injuries resulting in a loss

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This is only a summary of policies and riders available, and is not a contract. The policy you decide to purchase forms the contract, and will provide complete details on your benefits. In addition, all policies have a "free look period" during which you can cancel the coverage and your premiums will be refunded. For complete details of available coverages, contact one of our representatives.


Insurance products issued by Colonial Life Insurance Company of Texas are not FDIC/NCUA insured. The insurance products are not issued, guaranteed or underwritten by Colonial, Colonial National Mortgage or the FDIC or NCUA. The insurance products may involve investment risk, if appropriate, including potential loss of principal.