​Whole life insurance

This policy provides coverage for your entire life.



  • The premium will never increase
  • The death benefit will never decrease
  • Cash value grows and interest is credited to the cash value

Whole Life Easy Issue

  • This policy includes the same features as whole life insurance and may be issued despite existing health problems. However, the policy benefit will be modified if death occurs within the first three (3) years.

Optional coverage available on whole life products:

  • Accidental death benefit
    • Pays an extra benefit if death is from an accidental injury
  • Waiver of premium
    • Pays your policy premiums for you if you become disabled
  • Child insurance rider
    • Economical protection for your children

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This is only a summary of policies and riders available, and is not a contract. The policy you decide to purchase forms the contract, and will provide complete details on your benefits. In addition, all policies have a "free look period" during which you can cancel the coverage and your premiums will be refunded. For complete details of available coverages, contact one of our representatives.


Insurance products issued by Colonial Life Insurance Company of Texas are not FDIC/NCUA insured. The insurance products are not issued, guaranteed or underwritten by Colonial, Colonial National Mortgage or the FDIC or NCUA. The insurance products may involve investment risk, if appropriate, including potential loss of principal.