Colonial is proud to extend its tradition of service and customer focused solutions to relocating employees across the nation. Our Relocation Division is anchored in more than 10 years of providing corporate relocation mortgage services to both corporations and government agencies in all 50 states. As a program administrator for a corporate employer, government agency, or relocation management company, you can rest assured that your relocating employees will receive the highest level of service, widest variety of products, and competitive solutions for their home financing needs.

At Colonial, we understand the relocation industry. Our on-staff Corporate Relocation Professionals (CRP's) have over 40 years of combined relocation experience, assisting program administrators in aligning their policies and programs to meet their organizations unique goals and strategic objectives. To discover how our value proposition can assist you and your organization, simply reach out to one of our Relocation Program Advisors for a no-obligation consultation. Our consultative approach will keep you "ahead of the game" as it relates to changes within the industry, regulatory considerations, and innovative products and programs.  


Video: CNM Relocation's February 2023 Update


Here are some highlights of our products and programs:

  • Direct Bill – empowering transferees by cutting out-of-pocket expenses *

  • Mortgage Subsidy – supporting employer sponsored moves to high cost areas

  • Construction Loans – for those situations where building is the best option

  • Principal Reduction and Loan Re-amortization – reduces payment obligation after a large principal payment is made *

  • Interest Rate Float Down – improves transferee's rate if rates drop before closing *

  • Mortgage Benefit Program – preferred rates and discounted closing costs for all your non-relocating employees

* Certain restrictions apply 


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