Before buying a house and making it your home, you want to gather as much information as possible.


Prior to having a professional home inspection company prepare a detailed report, consider meeting with the sellers to ask your own questions about their knowledge of any problems such as:

•Termite damage or activity?

•Moisture under the house or in the basement?

•Signs of a leaking roof?

•Problems with heating or air conditioning?

•Electrical service issues?

•Structural problems in foundation or basement?


Some other questions you may wish to ask:

•If there is a pool or hot tub, is it in good working order?

•What are the average monthly costs for gas and electric?

•Are there mandatory homeowner association dues?

•Are there restrictions concerning the number of pets?

•Are outbuildings such as storage sheds allowed?

•Which appliances, if any, will stay with the house?

•Will drapes and curtain rods remain with the house?

•Does the home have a security system, and is there a cost for monitoring it by a professional security firm?


Obtaining this information is not meant to replace a professional home inspection, but gather as much information as you can before making the offer to buy. Then, once a decision is made, hire a professional home inspector who will give you an objective and comprehensive report.